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24 September 2013

THE WORLD AROUN US SPEAKS ENGLISH. Immersion project 2013 in Riópar


1. Project's logo

Escola Lluçanès is ready to go to the immersion program  of Ministerio de Educación in autumn 2013. The Science project, OUR FOREST IS ALIVE, has won a grant for an English Camp week in Riópar (Albacete) THE WORLD AROUND US  SPEAKS  ENGLISH for  twenty-five students from 3rd cycle.
We are going to explain our project to some pupils from SALESIANOS LOS BOSCOS school in Logroño, We will share english lessons, games and trips while we improve our oral english language. 
We created a logo to decorate the project hats gift for our friends from Logroño.


2. What we know about our forest ?

3. What we want to find out ?

4. A big fire in Sant Feliu Sasserra in 2012

 Once upon a time there was a big forest next to a beautiful village. There were a lot of trees: pine trees, oak.
Animals and plants live happyly in the forest.
From the forest
But suddenly one day a fire started. The wind was strong and the flames were 20 metres high. Brave firefighters worked hard to put the fire out for three days.
From the forest
The wind was strong and the forest burnt. People were sad and the wanted to protect their forest.
From the forest

5. Prevention posters

6. Our dossier OUR FOREST IS ALIVE


Activities : CURRICULAR CONTENTS, Oxford.
SCIENCE The Thinking Lab, Cambridge, S
CIENCE 5, Santillana
Pictures from Google
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