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31 August 2014


TWO TRUTHS, ONE LIE is a classic get-to-know-you icebreaker. Players tell two truths and one lie. The object of the game is to to determine which statement is the false one.

Recommended group size is: small, medium, orlarge. Works best with 6-10 people.
Any indoor setting will work.
No special materials areneeded, although pencil and paper is optional.
For all ages.
Instructions:ask all players to arrange themselves in a circle. Instruct each player to think of three statements about themselves. Two must be true statements, and one must be false. They share the three statements(in any order) to the group. The goal of the icebreaker game is to determine which statement is false. The group votes on which one theyfeel is a lie, and at the end of each round, the person reveals which one was the lie.
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